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5 Tips On Eclectic Decorating With Cushions

Home decorating with eclectic furniture and decor including cushions

Cushions come in so many different colours, textures and sizes and are an affordable way of decorating and updating all areas of your home – living areas, bedrooms, kids and teenage spaces. What’s more, decorating with cushions is a fun and simple way to create an eclectic and inviting space.

1. Cushion Colour

Don’t be afraid of vibrant and bold colour. That is exactly what you need to create drama in a room.

This works particularly well on a neutral background so the colours can really pop. For instance, a neutral couch and a collection of colourful scatter cushions. By the same token, pristine white bedding topped with a stunning bold feature cushion like an Embroidered Cushion.

That is to say there’s nothing like a bright pop of colour to enliven a room.

View our complete range of colourful scatter cushions here – perfect for eclectic decorating to mix and match together and create the home of your dreams.

2. Cushion Texture

In short, mixing different materials together creates interest.

Cotton, velvet, suede and linen all give a different feel. The idea is to mix textures and create layers for a lived in and inviting space.

A fluffy throw blanket on a leather couch adorned with cotton cushions is a simple way to add a mix of materials together to create interest and build on creating your eclectic home. Our Suzani Cushions are cotton with heavy embroidery giving an elevated texture which is special both to touch and look at.

Let’s not stop at the main fabric used – other materials such as stitching, pompoms or other embellishments also add texture. Our Kantha Cushions are covered in thousands of tiny Kantha stitches which gives a textured and interesting look.

3. Cushion Pattern

Unquestionably, an eclectic home is all about decorating with a difference, so go on and be brave with patterned cushions.

In view of this take colours from around your home and build upon them by adding similar colours from patterns and designs. For example if you have a blue cushion, find a pattern which has different shades of blues to bring the look together.

To this end, our Kantha Cushion designs have the same pattern with different colours and look beautiful when mixed and matched together. For one thing, a pair of yellow Kantha Cushions and a white Kantha Cushion would compliment any of the Kantha Quilts beautifully, without it being too perfectly matched.

4. Cushion Sizes

Another key point is to combine different shapes and sizes of cushions together. Such as a round cushion propped against a couple of square and rectangle cushions, this will add depth and interest.

Generally, square scatter cushions are approximately 40cm x 40cm. This is a perfect size for comfort to sit on a couch or sofa. As a matter of fact all of our scatter cushions are sized 40cm x 40cm.

But why stop at scatter cushions, add some round floor cushions for comfy casual seating and bring playful boho vibes into your eclectic home. To emphasize, add layers throughout your home from floor to ceiling. This will lead your eye across different levels and make your home exciting to walk through.

5. Edit The Space

Lastly, stand back and edit the space. If it looks too busy remove items, an eclectic look should be interesting but not distracting.

All in all it’s important to realize it will take time to get use to the new space you have created. You may find yourself adding or removing items until you create your ideal eclectic space and home to live in.

To sum it up, an eclectic look is about being brave with colour as well as having freedom to put different designs together.

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Happy Decorating!

Michelle (Bring On The Boho)

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How Many Cushions Do You Need On The Couch

Blog header - Living room couch and coffee table

A couch looks nice and inviting with scatter cushions they add colour and interest and above all comfort.

But there’s a fine line between having too many cushions on the couch and needing to throw them off to sit down or not having enough to get comfortable.

So faced with this important home decorating decision, let’s jump on in and talk cushion numbers – how many cushions do you need on the couch:

  • For a three seater couch the ideal number is 3 – 6 cushions. Odd numbers always look best so 5 is a perfect number. With 5 cushions you have plenty of options for selecting cushions in different sizes and mixing colours and patterns together like our Kantha Scatter Cushion range, to create interest.
  • For a two seater couch the ideal number is 2 – 4 cushions. Again odd numbers are recommended so 3 is a magic number. So 2 plain cushions and 1 patterned cushion would be a great combination.
  • For a small sofa or armchair there is only room for 1 cushion. So why not make it an accent with bold patterns and bright colours like our Suzani Embroidered Cushions.

These cushion numbers work perfectly for the everyday living room set up, giving you comfort without being overcrowded with cushions. 

Generally, square Scatter Cushions are approximately 40cm X 40cm. This is a perfect size for comfort to sit on a couch or sofa. As a matter of fact all of our Scatter Cushions are sized 40cm X 40cm.

Add a throw blanket or one of our soft cotton Kantha Quilts and a boho ottoman nearby to put your feet up and you will have a nicely decorating couch perfect for a bit of Netflix & chill!

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Happy Decorating!

Michelle (Bring On The Boho)