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5 Ways To Fill A Large Floor Cushion

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A couple of floor cushions can be as functional as a small sofa, makes a space relaxed and inviting and best of all provides extra lounging room. Perfect for kids to have a nap on, teenagers to game on and adults love them too. Don’t forget your pets, they are fast becoming a must have stylish pet bed for dogs and cats too!

Our Floor Cushion Covers come in both Round and Square shapes with lots of colours to pick from there’s bound to be one that compliments your boho home. Here are 5 great ways to fill a large floor cushion:-

1. Recycled Cloth, Clothing & Bedding

If you prefer a heavy and more structured feel to your floor pillows, fill them with recycled cloth, bedding and clothing.

For one thing you can use old bedding, sheets, blankets, doonas, towels etc.

Old clothing – it’s a great way to store sentimental clothing such as baby clothes or even your Wedding Dress!

If you don’t have bedding or clothing you can purchase recycled cloth in large bags from places such as Bunnings.

Further, using pre-loved cloth is better for the environment and better for your hip pocket too.

2. Pillow & Cushion Fill

For a lighter fill we recommend filling the floor cushion with spare pillows or cushion inserts. If the shape doesn’t suit, simply open them up and use the inside filling of polyester fiberfill. Generally you will need a few pillows to get a nice firm fill, make sure you push the fill into the edges and smooth it out. It’s a good idea to use this together with a combination of recycled cloth to pack it out nicely.

Over time this type of fill will flatten so be sure to pack it full and keep any old pillows for repacking. I think we all have extra pillows laying around that should be replaced – as a matter of fact it’s recommended to change your pillow every 1-2 years!

This is another environmentally friendly option if you are using old pillows or cushions bound for landfill.

3. Foam

Another option for the Round and Square Floor Cushion Covers is to fill them with foam. Foam pieces can be mixed together with bean bag balls. This gives it a light feel, easy to move around, soft and comfy to sit and lay on.

A more expensive option is to have a piece of foam cut to size to fit the cushion cover. This would work perfectly for the Square Floor Cushion Cover. This also makes a soft and supportive base if using it as a pet bed. Our Square Floor Cushions make excellent dog beds and are large enough for medium-large size dogs to stretch out on comfortably.

You can purchase bags of foam and have foam cut to size from your local Foam Supply Store.

4. Bean Bag Balls

Another way to fill the Round and Square Floor Cushion Covers is with Polystyrene Bean Bag Balls. You can buy 100L bags from Kmart etc for under $15. It’s a good idea to put the balls inside an internal bag for ease of removal so you can clean and wash the cover.

As mentioned above, you can mix bean bag balls with foam pieces. Sometimes the sound of bean bag balls is too squeaky so a handy tip is to mix in some foam pieces which will help with this to cushion the sound.

5. Newspaper & Shredded Paper

Lastly, an inexpensive option to fill your Floor Cushion Cover is to use scrunched up newspaper, junk mail or shredded paper. You will need to compact and push the paper into all edges to ensure you get a nice smooth filling.

To that end – don’t use heavy weight paper or cardboard. You want to ensure the paper you use is going to be soft and lounge worthy!

You will need a stack of papers for this – but wouldn’t it be interesting to open the cushion cover years from now to see what the headlines were!

Accordingly, any of these filling options will ensure you have the best floor cushions to lounge on at home.

All in all we hope we have shown how easy it is to fill our Floor Cushion Covers yourself.

In any case, you may need to re-fluff your floor pillows over time as they flatten, simply unzip them and add some more filling.

Furthermore, you can spot clean or remove covers for cleaning, they are machine washable provided you follow the care instructions.

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Happy Decorating!

Michelle (Bring On The Boho)