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How Many Cushions Do You Need On The Couch

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A couch looks nice and inviting with scatter cushions they add colour and interest and above all comfort.

But there’s a fine line between having too many cushions on the couch and needing to throw them off to sit down or not having enough to get comfortable.

So faced with this important home decorating decision, let’s jump on in and talk cushion numbers – how many cushions do you need on the couch:

  • For a three seater couch the ideal number is 3 – 6 cushions. Odd numbers always look best so 5 is a perfect number. With 5 cushions you have plenty of options for selecting cushions in different sizes and mixing colours and patterns together like our Kantha Scatter Cushion range, to create interest.
  • For a two seater couch the ideal number is 2 – 4 cushions. Again odd numbers are recommended so 3 is a magic number. So 2 plain cushions and 1 patterned cushion would be a great combination.
  • For a small sofa or armchair there is only room for 1 cushion. So why not make it an accent with bold patterns and bright colours like our Suzani Embroidered Cushions.

These cushion numbers work perfectly for the everyday living room set up, giving you comfort without being overcrowded with cushions. 

Generally, square Scatter Cushions are approximately 40cm X 40cm. This is a perfect size for comfort to sit on a couch or sofa. As a matter of fact all of our Scatter Cushions are sized 40cm X 40cm.

Add a throw blanket or one of our soft cotton Kantha Quilts and a boho ottoman nearby to put your feet up and you will have a nicely decorating couch perfect for a bit of Netflix & chill!

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Happy Decorating!

Michelle (Bring On The Boho)